Post Christmas sales have retailers hopeful, shoppers hunting for deals


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on December 26, 2012 at 6:06 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 26 at 7:45 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Looking for a bargain? Analysts say many post Christmas sales are even better than the Black Friday sales.

That is because retailers are having the worst holiday season since 2008. But the day after Christmas remains one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

“I came to get wrapping paper, tags, gift bags, ornaments. It’s all half off,” shopper Rhonda Bonnet said.

People are willing to wait for those half-off price tags. Target employees say a crowd of more than 50 people gathered outside before the doors opened Wednesday morning.

“They were standing out here in the cold. When I walked up here it was about ten till and they'd been waiting,” Target employee Heather Speidel.

The waiting could be worthwhile for the those looking to snag a deal, but retailers are still holding out for boosted December numbers. Figures show it was a weak shopping season with sales only seven tenths of a percent higher than last year. Shoppers agree they cut back.

“We spent a little bit less this year. We just got together and did dinner with some of the family. We let a lot of the kids draw names this year, but we are still having fun,” Bonnet said.

“A lot of people actually do hold off because they want to get a bigger Christmas tree or it's time to replace it. They know  that the day after is the day they will be getting the deal on the tree so we've been selling a lot of those today [Wednesday]” Target employee Hollie Rayburn said.

Get what you need while you can. The markdowns will continue, but with prices this low, the crowds will too.

“The numbers weren't as big this [Wednesday] morning because of the bad weather. It looks like people waited until 9 or 10 to come out. We are very happy to see them now,” Rayburn said.

Employees also forecast that the discounts could be as much as 70 percent off by the beginning of next week.