Section of I-65N now 2 lanes as part of Ohio River Bridges Project


by Brooke Hasch

Posted on May 13, 2014 at 12:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The latest lane closure for the Ohio River Bridges Project went into effect early Tuesday morning.

The long-term lane closure on I-65 North from Muhammad Ali Boulevard to Witherspoon Street is expected to continue into 2015. The left lane closed to allow crews to work safely between I-65 South and I-65 North, building new lanes for I-65 South.

"Delays are going to be a guarantee," Edwin Atchley with Walsh Construction said.

"Trying to get back and forth to work, it's definitely going to slow me down," one driver said.

Northbound drivers will have to maneuver through two lanes instead of the usual three.

"Any afternoon, anytime you drive in that stretch, you know it's busy. When you take away capacity, you know it'll be busier. So, drivers should expect that, expect delays. So, they need to figure out, what can I do to lessen this impact," Mindy Peterson, with the Ohio River Bridges project said.

Fortunately, the first day of the lane closure began with little delay.

"This is the way I go to work, so, I've had to take the detour a few times, but it's just a part of it," Donna Farris, a Louisville driver, said.

Walsh Construction crews began their morning placing wood beams and steel frames into place where new interstate is already taking shape.

"As far as these interstates here, with the lane closures, I'd say everything's working out pretty well," Robert Wright, a construction worker, said.

"We pretty much just try to keep cautious, while we're up on 65, while the traffic's going, swinging steel and stuff," Atchley said.

Yet another change will take place in June. This time, a change of pace for drivers heading southbound on I-65 on the same section of interstate.

"What that is going to do, is move the traffic that's currently on I-65 South from Witherspoon to Muhammad Ali, it's going to shift to the new roadway that's being built. So, the current I-65 south along that stretch, it closes. That will not reopen. They will be doing demo work, building new lanes and so a lot of activity, a lot of changes," Peterson said.

"Just be patient with us," Atchley said.