Residents worry about safety on 3rd Street Road


by Alex Schuman

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 12:03 AM

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- Police ruled out speed as a possible cause for an accident on 3rd street road, but many residents along the road feel unsafe just standing in their front yards.

Driving along third street road you might notice a house that looks... Heavily defended.
"I just wish they'd slow down," Eddie Brandenburg, a home owner on the street, said. 
A series of small concrete pillars protect Brandenburg’s house from vehicles and accidents. 
"A car actually hit the house," Brandenburg said. 
Brandenburg did not live here then.  The old owner of the home placed the new barriers, but his short, one year spent living here gives him stories.
"A truck came through there , broke his axle," he said.  "I've seen two cars hit the side of my guard rail right here.  And one of 'em bounced into the middle of the road."
He and his neighbors feel people travel much faster than the required thirty-five miles per house speed limit along Third Street Road's many twists and turns.
"Sometimes you know they're doing 50, 60 miles an hour down that road," Brandenburg commented about drivers on his road.
A traffic study was done the same year this car flipped on to the house of Third Street Road.  Public input showed people felt the street needed to straightened out, and turning lanes installed.  The study also suggests the lack of a shoulder and the deep ditches, which is where police found Rita Schafer and Janice Oliver last week, pose a major safety risk.  
So far none of those suggestions have been implemented.  Brandenburg does not expect all of that to be done, and just asks people to slow down.
"People just need to slow down.  Take it easy."
So the big question left is why has nothing been done since that study? 
WHAS11 attempted to contact city officials and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, but have not heard back yet.