Residents affected by bridge construction blasting


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 6:55 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky.(WHAS11)--The East End Crossing construction is coming right along. The blasting has been going on since June, but the underground tunnel blasting started this morning at 7:30 a.m.

Sally Seyal and her husband have lived in their home since 1989.  A huge selling point was their lush backyard. What was bird watching is now bridge planning.

"I went to every meeting I could go to. I learned everything I could. I gave all the input I could," Seyal said.

What used to be a peaceful wooded view for these residents now starkly different an unobstructed view of the Gene Snyder, barbwire, constant construction and noise

"This was all woods and all nice and private. It's all changed," Seyal said.

Clearing for the East End Crossing construction started last year. In February of 2013, 24 trees from Seyal's backyard were cut down. 

"It was horrifically efficient; it took them maybe 2 days to clear this whole stretch along here," Seyal said.

For her, it's the critters she notices the most.

"The birds actually seem to be doing pretty well, except one large woodpecker that we used to have. I don't know if they took the tree that he used to live in down," Seyal said. 

The surface blasting began in June and the family dog Taylor takes the most offense to the booms.

"The dog is upset about it; she doesn't like the blasting. She barks and whines," Seyal said.

Like clockwork, Taylor senses when the blasts are about to happen.

"Sometimes it's just a short puff; other times it’s a 20 sec rumble," Seyal said.

The underground blasting for the tunnel started this morning.

"My house shook big time this morning at 7:25 a.m. they said, 'Oh you might hear a thunder clap.' The whole house shook; it was loud," Seyal said.

Seyal is getting used to the constant changes.

"We plan to stay because we like the neighborhood and we like the area; some of the wildlife is still around," Seyal said.