'Red Bull Bandits' face judge on multiple charges


by Gene Kang


Posted on April 10, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 10 at 2:58 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Drugs, guns and prostitution; a suspected organized crime group is accused of targeting homes in the South End of Louisville.

Prosecutors said the group hit up homes in the 40215 zip code last year - all to feed their possible addiction for black market prescription pills.

"This is another one of those cases where Opana is behind all of this," prosecutor Nick Mudd said.

They call themselves the "Red Bull Bandits."
Out of 10 people, five of them showed up in court: Michael Aldendorf, Kenneth Overton, David "JoJo" Combs, Ashley Vincent and Jessica Reed.

They're charged with engaging in organized crime, burglary, theft, possession of a handgun, receiving stolen firearms and property, and prostitution.

Between September and November last year is when police said they targeted the homes. 

Mudd said: "Check first to see if anyone was home then kick in a back door and then go in and take different items including jewelry and there were firearms taken as well."

The Commonwealth's Attorney said Combs is the suspected ring leader and he operated the group out of his home at the 1400 block of Berry Boulevard.

The prosecution said they would commit crimes and exchange stolen items with Combs for Opana pills and a place to stay. One woman in the group confessed multiple women provided escort services for the same thing.

"The majority if not all of my theft and burglary-related cases go directly back to the drug Opana,”  Mudd said.

There are bench warrants out for the rest of the group.

They are all due back in court in May. This is a case, prosecutors said, that could have several plea deals, if it doesn't go to trial.