Portland Little League supporter in intensive care unit after moped accident


by Gene Kang


Posted on September 19, 2012 at 6:51 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 19 at 7:01 PM

(WHAS11) -- The people of Portland are cheering for Michael Re' who is in the intensive care unit at University Hospital.

He's been at head of the Portland Little League and without him, they could be in jeopardy.

Michael Re', 51, has hit home runs for dozens of families over the years.

"He helps our children. He's president of the ball park. I mean it's really devastating," Shelby Cahill said.

Cahill says they coached Portland Little League together with Re' at the top spot for nearly six years. A major moped accident forced him into the hospital last weekend with a broken back, ribs and bones.

Cahill said, "It hurts because I know he's got three children that depend on him and a wife."

Louisville police say he somehow lost control of his moped at 15th and Prenice Street and veered into opposite lanes Saturday where he was hit by a truck.

"When you're brought against 6,000 pounds of metal that's not a good situation to be in," Dwight Mitchell with Louisville Metro Police said.

He poured his heart and soul into keeping the struggling baseball league alive.
A team of five board members still struggles to raise $3,000 to lease the fields from the City.

The board of directors say Re' took care of three baseball fields, maintenance and coached many kids.

Re' has gone to bat for 150 little league children and the community.

"He really is more than just a ballpark,” Cahill said. “He does a lot including fundraisers, Salvation Army. He does a lot."

With mounting medical bills, Re' and his board needs help supporting the Portland Little League.

You can call them at 502-445-1418.