Police offer tips for pedestrians, drivers when commuting


by WHAS11


Posted on March 10, 2014 at 6:40 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Last year in the city of Louisville there were 406 pedestrian collisions. Out of those collisions there were 16 fatalities. Police say 10 of those fatalities were associated with preventable behaviors.

“Behaviors like not using a crosswalk, crossing against the signals, and not wearing appropriate clothing. You need to wear reflective clothing also. Alcohol use played a big part in a lot of those,” Lt. Seelye said.

That's what happened Monday morning, March 10. A man was killed while crossing the road at Dixie Highway and Nobel Place in Shively. He did not use a crosswalk; he was hit by a pickup truck and died at the scene.

Dixie Highway continues to plague us. Bardstown Road is a road where we have significant issues as well,” Lt. Seelye said. 

“Something’s always going on. Someone's always getting hit on Dixie Die-way. That's why it's called Dixie Die-way instead of Dixie Highway,” resident Stella Levels said.

Residents are not just concerned on Dixie Highway, early Sunday morning a woman was hit and killed on Preston Highway. Police say she had been drinking.

“Including the fatal this morning, we've had three thus far this year. Two of the other fatal accidents were both alcohol involved and both at night,” Lt. Seelye said.

Pedestrians should be cautious, but so should drivers. Police warn any cell phone use is dangerous. Lt. Seelye says dialing a phone number takes an average of 10 seconds. 

“Ten seconds off of the steering wheel at 50 miles per hour, you travel over two lengths of UL's stadium,” Lt. Seelye said.

With springtime coming, police say more people will be outside and cars will be speeding up. Now is the time to be extra careful.