Police release photos of new evidence in Jessica Dishon case


by WHAS11


Posted on May 12, 2014 at 4:28 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 13 at 1:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For the first time we're seeing new evidence in the murder case of Jessica Dishon, the 17-year-old murdered in Bullitt County in 1999; her uncle is charged with the crime.

The new evidence is a pillowcase and a sheet found recently in a barn near where Jessica’s body was located all those years ago.

Police are now investigating new claims that the teen was held and tortured in that barn before she was killed.

It's our first look at new evidence and our first time hearing from the victim's mother since shortly after the crime.

Bed sheets in a barn could be the strongest piece of evidence yet in this case.

In a barn off Greenwell Ford Road in Bullitt County Investigators found a fitted sheet in debris inside and abandoned barn off Greenwell Ford Road in Bullitt County. A sheet they said matches the set on Jessica Dishon's bed.

In a picture, in the video player above, you can see that the fitted sheet is missing from her bed; a bedroom that has stayed the same since she disappeared in 1999.

Click here to see photos released by the Bullitt County Sheriff

“We try and be real neat and clean and keep the beds made and keep the laundry up off the floor,” Edna Jett, Jessica Dishon’s mother, said.

She was interviewed last week by police about the sheet and a pillow case found in the barn.

Jessica Dishon went missing as she was on her way to school. Her uncle, Stanley Dishon, was charged last fall with her murder.

A prison informant told police that Stanley Dishon told him he tortured Jessica in the barn for days before her body was found further down Greenwell Ford Road.

Dishon is in custody on unrelated charges and authorities said he's been giving details about Jessica's murder to other inmates; detailed information that lead authorities to the abandoned barn, sheet and pillowcase.

There was also foam found in the barn, foam that was found on Dishon's body. The foam is being tested to see if it matches and the sheets are being tested for DNA and blood.

It's unclear when the sheet disappeared from Dishon's bed.

Stanley Dishon was charged with murder 14 years after Jessica disappeared.