More than half a million Indiana residents registered for second Midwest earthquake Drill


by News Release

Posted on February 7, 2012 at 11:14 AM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 7 at 7:43 PM

INDIANAPOLIS -- (WHAS11) -- Drop, cover, and hold on -- that's is the message for residents in Kentucky and Indiana.
More than 2 million people across the central United States in schools, businesses and homes registered to participate in an earthquake drill this morning, including more than 525,000 participants from Indiana, the most among the nine states. The second Great Central United States ShakeOut was held today to mark the 200th anniversary of the 1812 New Madrid Earthquakes.

The earthquake drill is an encouragement for Hoosiers to learn about all types of earthquake safety and response, including drop to the floor, take cover under a table or desk, and hold onto the furniture because it may move due to the vibrations caused by an earthquake. This technique is known as "Drop, cover and hold on."

Indiana Department of Homeland Security

"The Great ShakeOut in Indiana was tremendously successful," said IDHS Executive Director Joe Wainscott. "Our two objectives to raise awareness about the threat of earthquakes and promote preparedness were met as hundreds of thousands of students, businesses and families across the state were educated about earthquake safety measures."

Indiana Geological Survey
"The Indiana Geological Survey is pleased that so many Hoosier residents took part in the Great Central US ShakeOut. Even if we don't experience a serious earthquake in the very near future, earthquake preparedness plans and supplies can protect citizens against other natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes," said Indiana Geological Survey Educational Outreach Coordinator Walter Gray.

The event was organized by the Central United States Earthquake Consortium and involved the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

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