People at odds over bicyclist on Big 4 Bridge


by Chelsea Rabideau

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 11:31 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 7 at 11:42 PM

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- There's a bit of a battle stirring on the Big Four Bridge.

While crews work on installing new LED lights on the bridge, they're getting rid of the center bike lane and may not put it back.
That has people talking about whether bikes should be banned altogether.
On foot or on wheels odds are, if you've been on the big four bridge, you've run into someone acting less than courteous.
"I notice there's a lot of people that walk, if there's a group of 6 or 7 more, they seem to span and you try to calmly sneak around and say, I'm passing and they look at you real funny," Wayne Tomlin, a bicyclist, said.
The Waterfront Development Corporation got rid of the designated bike lane down the center of the bridge deck a few days ago. Some walkers said it was useless anyway.
"They just like zip by without telling anyone and almost hit you," Jacob Franklin, a walker on the bridge, said. "Just a lot of swerving in and out of people, slowing, well not slowing down and getting in everyone's way, tripping people up.”.
And some want the bikers banned.
"I just think they shouldn't be allowed like dogs are not allowed," one female pedestrian at the bridge said of bicyclist.
Bikers contend, they can't go straight down the bike lane because people are walking in the lane. As far as rude bikers, that may be a case of a few giving the group as a whole a bad name. 
"As far as the fellas I ride with, they always seem to be calm and courteous, we wait for people to clear out, we do make way for other people to come through,” Tomlin said.
But, some bikers are willing to compromise.
"As long as they don't ban them all together and you could at least walk them across when it's crowded, that'd be fine," one bicyclist said.
The Waterfront Development Corporation said that getting rid of the bike lane was in no way intended to imply bicyclists would be banned. 
Dogs were the first to get the boot from the bridge because some owners weren't cleaning up after their pooches.