Oldham Co. Police continue homicide investigation after arrest


by Michaela MacDonald


Posted on July 21, 2014 at 7:04 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 25 at 2:21 PM

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Oldham County Police are continuing their investigation into cab driver's murder after a suspect was arrested in New York.

New York State Police caught up with 27-year-old Miles Matthews Sunday morning and have charged him with murder in connection with the death of Louisville cab driver 34-year-old Adam Gregg. Gregg was found lying near a driveway by a home in rural Oldham County Thursday.

"We are headed to their location [New York] to attempt to interview Mr. Matthews as well as follow up on any leads or investigative things that need to be done in the New York area as well as process the stolen vehicle that belonged Mr. Gregg that Mr. Matthews was located in when he was arrested by New York State Police," Sgt. James Brown said in a phone interview.

Brown said they will also be working to extradite Matthews back to Kentucky.

Matthews is an Army veteran from Corydon, Ind. Just days before the murder there was a warrant out for his arrest after family members said he stole $2,500 worth of items to sell at pawn shops, according to Harrison County police reports. 

Brown said they are still trying to piece together a timeline.

"Now that they've seen who the suspect is and have vehicle information that, if anyone had in contact with Mr. Matthews since the murder or even one or two days leading up to the murder that they contact Oldham County Police so that we can speak with them again to get all the information we can," Brown said.

New York police said they believe Matthews may be a heroin addict, and that could have played a role in this crime.

"There may have been some narcotics involvement, nothing of course on the victims end, but on the perpetrators end we have reason to believe that heroin was involved," a New York state police officer said.

Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center's Amanda Newton said heroin abuse is a problem across the state and Kentucky is third in the nation for heroin overdose deaths.

"We have a huge, huge problem and it doesn’t seem like its getting any better," Newton said.

Newton said between 80 to 90 percent of the calls they get at the center are heroin related. Over the past three years, they've seen the problem expand and said with that expansion comes more crime.

"It’s a problem everywhere, whereas before you know back in the 70's, heroin was looked at as something only homeless, people in the gutter use, and there is no stigma attached to that anymore so you'll see your higher socio-economic class, 22-year-old girls using it and not thinking anything of it," Newton said. "The increase I guess it started two to three years ago with heroin. It seems like everything you read in the news all the robberies, most of the drug related things all seem to come back to heroin."