Metro Council Committee passes anti-toll resolution on existing roads


Posted on September 16, 2010 at 5:24 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 16 at 5:51 PM

Should tolls help fund the Ohio River Bridges Project?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS)-- It's an issue that's has stirred debate on both sides of the river, putting tolls on bridges and roadways to help fund the Ohio River Bridges Project. Now a Louisville Metro Council Committee has passed a resolution against them.

Twenty of the 26 Metro Council members sponsored this resolution meaning it will easily pass when the full council votes next week. This decision is one Metro Council member Jim King says truly represents what residents really want to see.

"I think the real problem here is that although this is a real important project to the Eastern United States, the Federal Government has not stepped up and done their part," said King.

Without the necessary federal funds--commuters would be asked to bear the financial burden of this project with tolling. King says Jefferson County residents would be responsible for funding two thirds of the project.

"I don't want the cost of the new bridges to be put on the back of commuters that say use the Kennedy if they are not getting any direct benefit from that toll," said King.

Louisville resident Donna Demaree agrees.

"If funds are needed to build a new bridge which they shouldn't be because they've been talking about it since I've been alive. If they've been saving their money all this time they might have it," said Donna Demaree.

King says he's not opposed to the concept of tolling, but in this scenario it won't work.

"The tolling process on existing structures, just doesn't make sense to me," added King.

In New Albany last month there was a similar resolution, arguing it is not good policy to toll drivers who cross the bridges to work each day.

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