Photos: Clarksville couple facing charges after large-scale marijuana bust


by WHAS11

Posted on August 20, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Updated Monday, Aug 20 at 5:40 PM

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- More than a $100,000 of marijuana found inside a suburban Clarksville home has a husband and wife in trouble with the law.

Police said it is an operation so sophisticated it shocked officers as well as neighbors.

"Something like this? This is the last thing we would have expected. There was no clue that it was even happening," neighbor Mike Lamm said.

Little did neighbors know what was really going on inside the home on Blackiston Ridge Court, but they got an eyeful Monday morning when police carried out marijuana plant after plant.

"I was taking the trash to the back and I seen a pick up truck to the back door and they was unloading plants into the truck." neighbor Rodney Johnson said. "It's amazing how many plants were in that house. That pickup was full of plants. It was full."

More than 40 plants were taken from the basement - an estimated street value of more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Mark and Kelley Kennedy were arrested for what police said was a sophisticated hydroponic growing system inside their basement.

"You saw the whole system. The lights, the filtration system, you saw the plants, you saw fertilizer for the growth," Major Darrell Rayborn with Clarksville Police said.

Even more shocking, police said the couple has two children. They were at school at the time of the raid and will be staying with their grandparents. Police said child protective services has been contacted.

"That is the sickening part to think that they would put their children in that environment is just unreal. It doesn't say much for parenting abilities," Lamm said.

Police said the couple had been leasing the home for a year. Neighbors said they didn't see the family much, and in fact, they didn't know their names or what they did for a living.
The couple did mention to police they recently became unemployed, to neighbors the bust is a reminder something like this could happen anywhere.

The couple is expected to be charged with cultivating and possession of marijuana.