Man shot, killed in Lou. over weekend was witness in murder case


by Renee Murphy

Posted on July 29, 2013 at 7:20 PM

(WHAS11) -- A key witness against the state's most notorious accused killers was shot to death over the weekend.

Gregory Sawyers was one of six people murdered since last Thursday.

He was shot several times and left for dead on Clay Street and East Broadway.

Police still don't have a suspect in this murder or a motive. But we know for sure Greg Sawyers was a witness in a federal murder case and on Monday we are getting a closer look at his connection to Ricky Kelly.

A witness to murder was killed near downtown Louisville. Greg sawyers was shot to death before he could testify but this wasn't the first attempt on his life.

When LaJuante Jackson was murdered in 2005 Sawyers was an eye witness according to court records. Sawyers said he saw everything from the shooting to the payment for the murder. He says Ricky Kelly and others were responsible for the crime.

In the days after Jackson's murder, Greg Sawyers says he was lured to Beecher Terrace where he was shot multiple times and survived.

Sawyers said Kelly and others fired the shots.

Fast forward to 2010, when Sawyers was beaten up in prison while serving time; court documents show he was told to quote "drop the conflict or this will continue."

The conflict refers to a complaint Sawyers made in prison to be kept away from Kelly.

It turns out that Sawyers later entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors to be placed on home incarceration in exchange for his testimony.

Before he was placed on house arrest, Sawyers was moved from the Kentucky Department of Corrections to the Frankfort County Jail as a federal witness.

It was a move to protect him but he was assaulted again by several inmates.

On Saturday morning, July 27, Sawyers was found dead on Clay Street near Broadway. He had survived so much but his life came to a violent end this weekend.

It's unclear what Sawyers’ death will mean for Kelly’s upcoming trial. The U.S. Attorney's Office hasn't released a statement.

Kelly's trial is not expected to begin until 2014.