Locals react to proposed bill that would allow guns in bars


by Michelle Arnold


Posted on February 12, 2014 at 7:23 PM

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WHAS11) --  It is a controversial bill and if it becomes a law those that have a concealed carry permit would be allowed to bring their guns into the bar.

"It's just ridiculous; I can't even believe it. It sounds like a joke to me," Zanzabar owner Antz Weddig said.

Zanzabar's Weddig is not a fan of firearms in the bar he and brother own. To him, it's a dangerous cocktail.

"I know I can speak for my brother. We want people to feel safe; we don't want people to think the next dude they bump into is going to have a gun," Weddig said.

A Kentucky Senate committee passed the bill on Tuesday. As long a person has a permit and is not drinking they would be able to bring the gun into Kentucky bars. Now it's up to the House and the Senate to vote on the bill. If bar owners had a vote, it's safe to say many would vote absolutely not.

"I probably wouldn't even let them in if I knew they had a gun. I'd kick them out. If any of my security guys saw someone with a gun I don't care if they're drinking or not they're not going to be in here," Weddig said.

Many local bars are crowded, loud, and emotions can run high when under the influence. Throw guns into the equation, some say it puts the safety of customers and the staff in jeopardy. Moreover, it could be difficult to police if the person with the gun is actually drinking or not.

"It's not just the person with the gun who is a threat; they could be getting threatened. It sounds like a bad situation when you're talking about drinking," Brownie’s Shed Bar Manager Alex Crowe said.

The current Kentucky law allows people to drink and carry a firearm in a restaurant but this additional allowance has some people nervous.

"I'm all for someone having a gun, having a concealed carry license; I just think it's more risk than reward bringing it into a bar," Crowe said.