House committee passes bill that would allow snow day waivers


by Claudia Coffey

Posted on March 11, 2014 at 7:24 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Lawmakers in Frankfort are moving forward on a bill that would allow school districts to decide if they want to waive snow days during this school year.

House Bill 410 made it out of the Education Committee on March 11 and now heads to the floor for debate. If it passes, that means the last day of school could be moved up for many districts.

Old man winter has really taken its toll on the school year. The extraordinary number of snow days means some districts have to push the last day of school back well into the summer. House Bill 410 could change that. Good news for many parents

"It's been quite a few days. It’s been like 20 or 30 years since they had to deal with this so far," Nicholaus Schneider said.

Representative John Will Stacy of the 71st district is sponsoring House Bill 410. It passed out of committee and now heads to the full house.

"These school districts are faced with the big burden right now of planning the rest of the school year," Stacy said. 

If the bill passes, it would allow school districts the option of waiving up to 10 days of school missed.

JCPS, like many districts, is in limbo over when to plan graduation.

"Once parents hear a date, they may want to keep that date in mind.  They make their plans around those dates.  So I think it's good to make sure we have a final date," Carol Ann Haddad, a school board member, said.

Another big concern is testing and making sure districts have enough time.

"We feel there would be a legitimate need for the request. One of the primary reasons is the testing window. We want our testing window to fit within five consecutive days, not be broken up by a holiday or Election Day and when we get into that time of the year that is the risk we run,” James Meihof, Superintendent Shelby County Schools, said.