Kidneys of man beaten to death donated on the same day suspect enters plea


by WHAS11

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 6:59 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 19 at 7:01 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The family of a Louisville murder victim came face to face with the suspect accused of taking their loved one's life. Now we are learning how the victim of a brutal beating, Mickel Kimbley, was able to save a life.

“He actually saved the life of  42-year-old woman by one of his kidneys and they sent us a letter and thanks. So, he's already back out there,” said Shawn Grady, victim’s father.

It has helped Grady find peace after his son's violent murder in the Portland neighborhood.

“It felt good. That’s what he wanted. We knew that’s what he wanted. That’s why we followed through with that and just to know what he was able to save somebody’s life means a lot. So, he is still with us in that aspect,” said Grady.

Kimbley was murdered in October on West Main Street. The news of the organ donation came on the same day the victim's parents came face to face with the woman charged with murdering their son.

“It was chilling but as Erica said I’m happy that they did catch them and what not and hopefully justice will be served. I’m glad they got them I really am,” said Grady.

The suspect, Jennifer Hack entered a not guilty plea Monday afternoon in court. She was trembling as she went before the judge. Kimbley's mother is glad the suspect has been caught.

“I've been relieved on that part but I'm getting closure and that’s the main part,” said Erica Grady, victim’s mother. “It’s been hard but I’m going to get through.”

There is another man also charged with the murder.  He is currently being held in Indiana on another charge.

He will be brought back to Louisville in the coming weeks.  Bond has been set for both suspects at $100,000 full cash.

The victim is survived by his three children.