Almost no ice melt to be found in Kentuckiana, here’s a list of who’s got it.


Posted on February 5, 2014 at 7:23 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 6 at 12:50 AM

HARRISON CO., Ind. – With all the snow and ice Kentuckiana has had this season, salt supplies are dwindling.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Indiana Department of Transportation said they still have tens of thousands of tons of salt left for highways and interstates, but it is the county governments that are beginning to scrap the bottom of the barrel, so to speak.

In Indiana, storm after storm is forcing the Harrison County Highway Department to burn through their salt stores.

 “We are out of stockpiled salt now,” said Kevin Russel, the Harrison County Engineer.

The county has a contract for 2,000 tons of salt. They’ve had 900 tons of that delivered. Now, they’re waiting for the rest of their order. But their supplier wasn’t expecting these storms either.

“Our orders come in out of the Riverport in Jeffersonville, they’re out of salt there,” Russel said. “The best they could tell us is, we may get some the middle or end of next week. But, they couldn’t promise.”

It’s a similar story across the country, salt producers stretched to the limit by an unusually demanding winter season; forcing road crews to turn to Plan B.

 “In the meantime, we have enough mixed material left,” said Russel.  “I know they’re calling for a snow this weekend. We’ll probably have enough for about one more round.”

Harrison County is prepared to do whatever it takes to make the roads passable through winter.

 “We’re hopeful that we won’t be faced with that. We’re hopeful we’ll get the salt back in stock before we completely run out,” Russel said.

Louisville Metro government says they’re still fine and don’t expect to dip into their reserves. Other counties, like Oldham and Meade say they’ve got enough salt for about four more weather events.


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