Jurich: Will he stay or will he go?


by Michelle Arnold


Posted on October 11, 2013 at 7:08 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky.-- The rumor mill is churning, many are wondering if University of Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich has any interest in some upcoming open positions.

Men’s Basketball Coach Rick Pitino said there is no way.

“None of us would ever comprehend or even think he would consider that,” Pitino said. “Eight years ago, ten years ago, I think Tom could have possibly looked at it. But not today.”

On The Deener Show this past Wednesday, Pitino sought to quell the rumors that Jurich could be a possible replacement for the University of Texas outgoing athletic director. Pitino says in his circle they think Jurich's position is the best in the business.

“Right now he's at one of the hottest revenue producing universities in the nation.” Pitino said. “So people who say that are not from Louisville. They, in their minds, think Texas is better. And in our minds we all think the University of Louisville is the best college job in the country.”

ESPN 680's Drew Deener agreed, saying Jurich isn't done here in Louisville.

“He has achieved goals here that I think he wants to see to fruition,” Deener said.  “He did all this work to get into the ACC; I can' t imagine he would ever leave not having his teams compete in the ACC.”

Deener said one reason this rumor mill continues is because Jurich is nationally known for his accomplishments.

“I think Tom is in some ways a face of the program. There are very few athletic directors that people can name,” Deener said.  

Jurich is well compensated. According to USA Today, he has the second largest athletic director salary in the nation. His 2013 pay is roughly $1.4 million dollars. Pitino says the money is just a part of it.

“The University of Louisville for Tom Jurich is not only the most financially rewarding job, the best job, it's where he wants to live,” Pitino said.

Calls made to the University of Louisville Athletic Department were not immediately returned.