Judge at center of Clark Co. Drug Court Program loses primary in S. Ind.


by Renee Murphy


Posted on May 7, 2014 at 6:25 PM

CLARK CO., Ind. (WHAS11) -- The judge at the center of Clark County’s Drug Court Program lost the primary in Southern Indiana.

His staff has already been fired from the court program that has been under fire since allegations of illegal arrests and inmates sitting in jail longer than their sentence.

“He is obviously disappointed,” attorney Larry Wilder, who represents Judge Jerry Jacobi, said.

Jacobi lost in the primary on Tuesday night, May 6, to attorney Laura Harbison.

Harbison represented Cody Hendricks who is a drug court participant.

Hendricks said drug court staff arrested him at his job on Rocky's on the River when they didn't have arrest powers.

His allegations launched the criminal investigation into the drug court and lead to the director of that program and that bailiff being fired.

Jacobi’s attorney said he didn’t think that the investigation and allegations of drug court cost him his seat on the bench.

“No, I think it was a contribution to his losing,” Wilder said.

Jacobi's challenger said while campaigning she didn't even talk about drug court.

“It was about campaigning for myself. For making sure the voters knew who I was as a candidate,” Laura Harbison, who won the primary, said.

Those who have been in Jacobi's court have mixed views about his loss in the primary, some weren't surprised.

“I was taken to jail on a warrant out of his court and I didn't have a warrant and it was reactivated and it shouldn't have been.”

Others are disappointed.

“My prayers go out to him. He’s a good man and a good judge.”

There is not a republican challenger against Harbison in the general election yet.

As for drug court, the criminal investigation continues and we are still awaiting a decision from a special prosecutor.

Jacobi presided over drug court but was not linked to the criminal investigation.