Jamesha Beard: Celebration of life


by Rachel Platt


Posted on October 26, 2013 at 7:52 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 26 at 8:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It was called a celebration of life at the Greater Bethel Temple in Louisville on Saturday, for a young woman who died unexpectedly.

Everyone was remembering Jamesha Beard, who won homecoming queen just recently at Butler High School, but more importantly, how she won the hearts of everyone she met.

It was a procession of family and friends at Jamesha's funeral. Football players from Butler served as pall bearers.

A table was set up out front with yellow ribbons to honor Jamesha and her favorite color. A sign read, "There can never be too much yellow".

There were plenty of flowers the color of sunshine for the young woman who loved to dance and seemingly always had a smile on her face.

Her mother Greta said she never complained and Jamesha's remembrance is about passing on the love.

Jamesha was quick with a smile even though life wasn't always easy for her.

She was born prematurely with something called goldenhar syndrome, but she overcame facial abnormalities and developmental delays to become a bright spot in so many lives.

Jamesha’s uncle said she never thought of herself as special needs, instead, she was just someone special.

Her funeral was evidence that she was someone special.

There were so many people showing so much love.

Yellow condolence cards signed by students at Butler who welcomed her with open arms were visible.

These were from students who just weeks ago, voted her homecoming queen. That night was the night of her life.

Jamesha was buried in the beautiful yellow dress she wore on that special night, along with her tiara, because she was a queen after all.

Her younger sister T said Jamesha taught her so much. The main lesson: No matter what happens, fight through it.

Jamesha was a fighter but was filled with love and that's what filled her grandmother's heart on a very difficult day.

On a day filled with sadness, there was something about Jamesha, something about the yellow that filled the church that had everyone smiling.

It would have been exactly what Jamesha wanted.