JCPS seeks options as snow days accumulate


by Doug Proffitt

Posted on March 5, 2014 at 12:56 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 5 at 11:46 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – March has arrived and everyone in the area hoped the snowy conditions and missed school days were going to be left behind.

Three inches of snow and sleet fell Sunday changing everything leaving Jefferson County Public Schools to close an additional two days.

The district is now facing 11 days to make up.

Karen Bass, a parent, talked her concerns during a meeting held at Crosby Middle School. Bass let school leaders know the extra days in class are starting to become a concern.

“I have a senior graduating that’s made a commitment for a job in Wisconsin and she’s supposed to be there June 8. I cannot figure out how to get here, there June 8 and get her back for graduation,” she said.

The state legislature could solve the problem of the extra days in class by passing a bill that allows 10 days to be waived.

“We can't promise that any legislation that's working through is going anywhere,” JCPS board member Debbie Wesslund said.

JCPS superintendent Donna Hargens says there are several bills that could either excuse 10 days or give them the option of counting the days differently.

“Right now today brings us to Thursday June 12th as the last day if either of those bills pass what we'll do is get the calendar committee together and do a recommendation to the board of education fully utilize any of the flexibility any of the legislation that is passed gives us,” she said.

All of the snow dates have affected testing dates. The days set aside for testing were moved.

With just one more snow day available, Hargens says if they get approval from the legislature, they would consider it.

“Whatever the flexibility is given, we will bring that immediately to the board and certainly with a rationale behind it,” she said.

One suggestion the board received was adding minutes to the school day or adding snow routes.

“All those things are things we’ll look at for next year,” Hargens said.