Herbert Lee arraigned for alleged car theft


by Adam Walser


Posted on July 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 3 at 2:32 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Herbert Lee, who was convicted of manslaughter after crashing a stolen car, killing four teenagers inside it, was back in court charged with stealing another car.

By all accounts, Lee got a break from the criminal justice system when his case went to trial.

And he got something perhaps more important from his victim's family members... forgiveness and encouragement.

Those same family members are devastated by Lee's arrest last night.

Herbert Lee is back in a place he swore he'd never be again, behind bars.

“Everybody's head in my family fell down. It was like ‘Lord have mercy,’” said Franklin Shields, whose son, Aaron, was one of four teens killed by Lee in 2008.

Lee is charged with stealing a red Camaro from the Avis car rental agency at Louisville International Airport.

The car was one of seven reported stolen from airport rental car companies in recent months.

Lee was arrested driving the car near downtown.

In December of 2008, Lee crashed a stolen car while being chased by police, killing Demar, Jamar and Marc Claybrook and Aaron Shields.

The four boys were getting a ride home from a Youth Alive Christmas party.

The latest arrest brought it all back to Franklin Shields.

“Everybody's had their moment of tears, because it just reopened everything.  It took us back to the wake being on Christmas,” Shields said.

After the boy's deaths, Lee got a break from the jury, which convicted him of manslaughter.

Since he was a juvenile, he was not sentenced to the 40 years in prison he could have faced as an adult.

Instead, he only went to the Jefferson County Youth Detention Center for one year.

“I'm truly sorry for the pain and frustration I’ve caused over these years,” Lee said at his sentencing in late 2010.

During a year in prison, Lee wrote letters to the Claybrook brothers’ father.

“He tells me how he wants to change his life and make right,” said Marc Hampton last year, after receiving those letters from jail.

Lee also met with the Shields after his release.

“What I saw was a glow. And I saw a changed heart,” said Shields.

We tried to talk to Lee's family today, but they told us to leave their home.

“What do you say to a person that's just throwing his life away?  That God has given him an opportunity to have once again and you throw it away again? What do you say?” said Shields.

Lee is being held at Metro Corrections under a $10,00 bond.

He’s due back in court July 16th.