Growing Old, Along with Us: The Swan Family Story


by Melissa Swan

(WHAS11) - It is called role-reversal or the sandwich generation. It goes by several names and boils down to the same situation; the tough subject of caring for elderly parents.

WHAS11’s Melissa Swan wanted to do this story because she is and her sisters are a few of the millions of Americans doing just that.

They decided to tell their story to begin a dialogue that might help others when parents are…Growing Old, Along with Us.

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Additional resources, advice and stories:

    -  “And So It Goes…”   by Beth Wilson, the sister of Melissa Swan. Wilson currently cares for her aging parents and offered WHAS11 an entry on her experience and unexpected opportunity she has found while doing so.

Wilson shares the story of the blessings she discovered while caring for her parents.

Wilson is from Leavenworth, IN and is a graduate of Indiana University Southeast, with a degree in Social Work and Humanities.

   - “Generations: Finishing Well”  by Dr. George Strunk, the pastor of Christ Church United Methodist in Louisville. He’s been doing a sermon series on aging. This sermon lists amazing facts about the population today. The church he heads has a membership of 3,200.   

   - Growing Old, Along with Us: Melissa Swan's blog on this story

   - Interview: Tips for caring with an aging or ailing parent - Interview with Michele Ruffra Broderick, the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient. She shares tips for caring for an aging parent

   - More information from ABC News

   - Do you need help caring for aging parents? Information on experts who assisted the WHAS11 phone bank to answer your questions. How you can reach them.