Greater Clark Schools anxious to start school year



Posted on July 28, 2014 at 10:04 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 28 at 10:04 PM

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) – Summer has come and now gone for students on the sunny side of the river.

With shoppers getting last minute supplies and teachers putting the finishing touches on their classrooms, it’s beginning to look a lot like a new school year.

The hallways at River Valley Middle School will be quiet for just three more days.

“We’re decorating rooms, making sure there are desks for the students. Books, if we need them – looking at supplies,” Principal Michelle Dyer said.

Supplies this year for Greater Clark County Schools will be a bit different.

The school administration streamlined a district-wide school supplies list. Items vary on the elementary school list depending on the grade. The middle school list is even more simple.

“We’ve already purchased folders here at River Valley just to help with that organization,” Dyer said.

Dyer and her staff have set out boxes and boxes of folders that will go to students. Schools will now also provide copy paper for the teachers.

"That is a school supply that schools need to provide to their staff, and not something that students need to bring for staff.  It's always helpful," she said,

Dyer believes the switch to district-wide lists brings consistency for parents, and lower costs. She says teachers and administrators will make adjustments to the list once after they see how this first version works out during the school year.

"We're just ready – ready for them on Thursday," she said.

Open houses will be held for Greater Clark County students and parents through Wednesday.