Frankfort stalls with talks of ethic violations


by Whas11 News

Posted on February 5, 2010 at 4:29 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 5 at 6:52 PM

(WHAS11) - A hidden camera recording a state senator in her office and allegations of profanities directed at the senate president are engulfing Frankfort politics Friday.

It all came to a head this morning in Frankfort concerning State Senator Robin Webb’s comments – did she call Senate President David Williams a “dictator” during a recess Wednesday?

Not according to the senate president's clerk.

Whatever Webb said, it shut down senate business this morning, emptying chambers while Republicans and Democrats took to their corners apparently discussing what Williams would do next after telling reporters there may have been an ethics violation.

In her senate office, Webb shows Whas11 where a camera was hidden to secretly record her last week.

The camera was in between Dr. Jack Ditty and another physician representing the Kentucky Medical Association. The camera was aimed at Webb, who after hearing it beep four times, asked if they were taping her and the reply was yes.

Ditty was defeated by Webb in a special election last year and is facing her again this fall.

He said that he had no knowledge of a camera being on but that it was erased.

Both incidents concern a recording that no longer exists and a statement no one else heard.
According to Williams' office, the incident is over and will not be brought up again next week.