Interview with former Jeffersonville, Ind. employee involved in deadly accident


by Gene Kang

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 1:01 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 25 at 10:52 PM

(WHAS11) -- A former Jeffersonville garbage truck driver will not spend time in jail for an accident that killed a young woman. The victim’s family spoke in court and WHAS11 News talked exclusively to the man at the center of this case.

Bethany Burrier, 19, of Borden died in a crash two years ago, three others were hurt.

Former Jeffersonville garbage truck driver, Roger Crum, made a plea deal Tuesday. Crum received a 4 and a half year suspended sentence which means if he breaks probation, he could find himself in prison.

Crum's commercial vehicle license was suspended and his driver's license was taken away for one year. The Burriers complained that there was no remorse or eye contact from him in court.
"There was no reason why and we never got that answer or an apology from the City of Jeffersonville or an apology from him," said the victim’s father.
WHAS11 News spoke Crum him directly outside of court to address this very issue.
"I was looking at the picture [of the girl] the whole time. It bothers me and I could tell it was tearing him up. I am sorry," said Crum.
He was punished for three counts of felony criminal recklessness and a homicide charge was amended to one count of misdemeanor criminal recklessness.

In May of 2012 Crum ran into several stopped cars because of construction on State Road 60 near Sellersburg. He admitted taking prescription pain killer before his shift and said he did not see traffic signs or workers.

Crum says his lawyer advised him not to speak in court and as a father of two teenagers he cannot imagine their pain. But why didn't the Burriers go after a jury trial?
"The chances were against us because they couldn't find the drugs in his system," said the victim's father.
"Our reason for taking it was that we did not want to go to court and he gets off free. So at least four years is better than nothing," said the victim's mother, Suzie Burrier.

Crum says he plans on apologizing directly to the family either in person or on the phone. But he is waiting for things to settle down.