Help Wanted: Application process underway for 1,800 Ford jobs


by Joe Arnold/AP

Posted on July 7, 2011 at 2:41 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 8 at 12:22 AM

(WHAS11) - Seven months after the Ford Motor Company announced its plan to hire 1,800 new workers for its transformed production plant on Fern Valley Road in Louisville, city officials detailed the hiring plan on Thursday, which includes a lottery to decide who Ford will interview.

“This is the biggest expansion of jobs in Louisville by an individual company in years,” Mayor Greg Fischer said in an afternoon new. It’s a major boost to our economy and more importantly, it’s a major boost to the tens of thousands of citizens who are unemployed and looking for work.
It’s the fulfillment of a promise Ford made in December, 1,800 new jobs and a $600 million transformation of the Louisville Assembly Plant.  The Fern Valley Road facility begins production of the next generation Ford Escape in late 2011, with full production of the SUV in the first quarter of 2012.
“Today’s announcement is the next step toward the reopening of a completely transformed modern, flexible Louisville Assembly Plan employing more than 2,900 of our region’s citizens,” added Greater Louisville Inc. President Joe Reagan.
“I heard about the Ford jobs today while I was actually at the NIA Center working on my resume,” said Alvin Scott of Louisville, who lost his job three weeks ago.
“The last job that I actually worked for, they laid me off and said it was an ‘at-will’ policy, something that I’ve never heard about,“ Scott explained, “but now that I’ve heard that Kentucky is an ‘at-will’ state, and I was loyal to the company, I’ve got to find a job that will be loyal to me, too.”
Scott immediately bolted for the employment office, only to learn that the first day of applications was set aside for military veterans only.
The application process is open until 4:30 p.m., Thursday, July 14. Applicants are entering a lottery which will decide which prospective workers are allowed into the hiring process and pre-employment testing. The lottery does not determine who gets hired, only who will be considered.
“This here job is like hitting the powerball,” Scott said, “maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but it’s worth a try.   In order to win, you gotta play. So, I’m here and I’ll be here tomorrow morning to play.”
“This process here is about opening the doors to bring in a new pool of applicants,” Reagan said, “The plan now is 1,800 new jobs at Louisville Assembly Plant and hopefully with market success and with the new Escape and other products that might come, we are hopeful for future growth in the plant as well.”
The actual number of new hires at LAP will be about 800 less than the 1,800 figure repeated by city officials, said UAW Building Chairman Steve Stone, who advised that – so far - 456 workers who list LAP as their home plant have filed paperwork to return. In addition, Stone expects about 400 other Ford workers to transfer to LAP from plants in Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Kansas City, among others.
“To us, we’ve got a great foundation to build on already,” Fischer said, “but this is just the beginning of what’s going to be an even more burgeoning industry here.”

  LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- There's a new lottery taking place in Louisville this week, and the prize is a possible new job.
   Ford Motor Co. is about to hire 1,800 new workers for its Louisville Assembly Plant to produce the new Ford Escape. Applications are being taken at the Kentucky Office for Employment and Training in downtown Louisville through 4:30 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 14th.
   Mayor Greg Fischer's office says people will be chosen for pre-employment testing through a lottery. To participate in the lottery, applicants must fill out a form provided by the employment office.
   Starting pay for the production assembly jobs is $15.51.
   The mayor's office says some of the hires will be made from former Ford workers who were laid off in the past.
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