Family worried after deadly spiders take over apartment


Posted on July 25, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 27 at 6:18 PM

Some of the deadliest spiders known to man have taken over one apartment and a family is worried.

The family in Elizabethtown is dealing with Brown Recluse Spiders, which is more than they can handle.

These are just as deadly as the Black Widow and are especially dangerous to young children.

Ben Stone showed WHAS 11 News the spiders and their unique violin pattern.

"That little black circle and a line that goes from that to the lower body. Especially on that one. You see it real good," said Stone.

Stone has a bad case of Arachnophobia.          

He has already trapped more than two dozen Brown Recluse Spiders in his E-town apartment.

They have a violin shape on their backs with potentially deadly bites to children younger than 7-years-old.

He has a 1-year-old child.

WHAS 11 News talked to an independent exterminator.

"They are highly venomous to the skin and creates legions actually deadens the skin tissue. Of course to small children and the elderly, they can be quite hazardous," said Austin Simpson with Jones Exterminating.

These spiders are as dangerous as the infamous Black Widow and a single bite can also cause severe muscle pain, blistering and eat away at skin.

Stone showed WHAS11 the traps set up in his living room one of them was under his Lazy-Boy chair.

WHAS11’s Gene Kang walked to their laundry room, which is connected to an attic where the spiders could be mating and multiplying.

“So this is where you see Recluse spiders?” asked WHAS11’s Gene Kang.

“Yeah, we have a couple right there,” answered Stone.

Around the corner to his child's bedroom, Stone moved the crib and showed more spiders in a trap.

Stone said their landlord, Buckingham Condominium Apartments, wants to send their own exterminator within the week to spray the base boards.

However, that may not be enough.

WHAS11’s expert said it may take getting into the walls and destroying the nest, which could take 6 months of maintenance.

The Stones don't want chemicals around their child.

They'd rather move out.

They're required by their lease to give a 60 day notice or pay three months rent.

"If they would let them leave now then I'm sure they'd be willing to pay an extra month's rent. But they can't pay $1,800 all at once," said Danielle Stone who is the baby’s grandmother.

A spokesman for the complex said in written statement:

"Buckingham offers our tenants free, routine pest control.  While most take advantage of this service, Mr. Stone and and/or his family have not permitted our licensed technicians to enter their unit.   When the family recently approached management about a potential pest problem, they refused to allow our team to send a certified specialist to evaluate.  Despite these facts, we are committed to finding an immediate resolution to the situation."

Ben Stone and his family will live at their parent's house for the time being.

They no longer want to have their child live with the potentially dangerous spiders.