Family of hit-and-run victim wants suspect apprehended


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 5:27 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It’s the unwanted phone call very family member dreads. 

“I get a call from my dad around 9 a.m. telling me my brother had gone down on his motorcycle," Anthony Adams said.

Martel Adams' family arrived at University Hospital this past Memorial Day to find the 34-year-old seriously injured.

“Right now, he's laid up in ICU with an oxygen tube, broken leg, and broken pelvis . . . and a broken arm,” Adams said.

Police said Adams was riding his motorcycle on Preston Highway around 4:30 Monday morning when a car coming off the I-65 ramp hit him. Instead of stopping, the driver left.

“They just left him out there," Adams said. "We don't know who called the ambulance. Thank you for calling the ambulance."

The Adams family hired an attorney and yesterday, police told them what they've been waiting to hear: Police believe the driver is a woman and they know who she is.

“She fled the scene in her car, then her car caught fire," Adams' sister Jacoby said. "Then, she got out the car and she tried to hide."

Witnesses saw her take off and then police found personal documents in the burned car that matched the description witnesses gave.

She has yet to come forward.

“I hope she see this," Adams' other sister Kirstie said. "We are not out for revenge. She owes us an apology and she owes it our brother. She left him."

Martel's family is relieved that they finally have some answers regarding his accident, but they still want more.

“What if it was your brother, your uncle, your father and someone hit them and just left them on the side of the road? How would you feel?,” Kirstie said.

Meanwhile, the family is rallying around Adams, hoping he recovers.

“We are going to fight. He will wake up, he will,” she said.

If you have any information about this accident, you are encouraged to call police.