Family finds new home infested with bed bugs


by Andy Treinen

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 7:08 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It was Derby Day and they were supposed to be moving out of an apartment and into their first house, but when they showed up to move in, the house was loaded with bed bugs and the landlord stopped responding to their calls.

Charlie Hodges is our bed bug expert. He's been eradicating creepy crawlies for 25 years and he's seen it all.

Angela Lennan is the tentative tenant who, with her three kids and husband, was just hours from sleeping in a home laden with bed bugs.

Angela's husband, Randy Guston, signed the lease on May 2. He put $1,100 down and on Derby Day, he delivered his first load.

Before he took anything inside, he noticed a problem. "Sitting right on the middle of the wall, boom, plain as day was a bed bug," he said.

"Almost every bed bug in here was going to come for the meal the first night you're in here," Hodges said.

Guston called his landlord at NFR Properties to alert her they had a problem. They claim the landlord ignored their calls and texts.

"She refused to return any messages, any phone calls," Guston said. "I actually tried to contact her from multiple phone numbers."

Randy and Angela said bug bomb foggers were in the house the next time they stopped by, but they had already decided the house wasn't for them.

"I mean it's scary to think we could have moved our kids into a place where they could have been getting eaten up by bed bugs," they said.

Five days later, the foggers hadn't even made a dent. Our exterminator found bed bugs everywhere. Along with termites outside and termite damage in the basement, but our tenants still couldn't find the landlord.

WHAS11 paid her a visit.

The owner of NFR Properties said the lack of communication was actually just a miscommunication. She then put the family in touch with her attorney.

Within a week, Randy Guston signed a termination agreement and he was cut two checks to cover his $1,100 down.

Randy, Angela and their three kids are going to use the money as a down-payment on a new rental they found late last week.

They said their monthly rent is $125 cheaper.