Emotional testimony from Lashawn Talbert’ Mother in murder trial Tuesday


by Gene Kang


Posted on January 11, 2012 at 8:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 11 at 9:10 PM

(WHAS11) -- It was a day of emotional testimony in the murder trial of Kenneth Brown.

Brown's accused of killing up-and-coming hip hop artist Lashawn "Sugar Shizz" Talbert.

Talbert was well-known locally for a dance craze he created, called "The Shizz”,  it even inspired the John Wall dance.

He was shot to death during a suspected drug deal in Okolona in 2010.

Kenneth Brown faced a judge and jury for murder.

A heart wrenching moment for Vicki Talbert, whose son LaShawn "Sugar Shizz" Talbert was killed after a drug deal two years ago.
Investigators say the drug deal on Clay Avenue in Okolona turned sour. Brown's attorney argued it was all in self-defense after Talbert aimed a gun at him.

"Kenny has fired at LaShawn. He's firing in that direction because he doesn't know if David Curd has a gun either. If he's going to open fire," Chastity Beyl, Brown’s lawyer, said.

But police say Talbert never fired his weapon.

Brown wanted revenge in the Prosecution's words.

Jessica Moore, Prosecutor: "He got ripped off and was mad. There will be no evidence he was defending himself or feared for his life," Jessica Moore, prosecutor, said.

The driver, David Curd, already had his day in court convicted of second-degree manslaughter.
Because of fear of retaliation, we can't show you the witnesses' faces... but you see bullets hit their homes.

One witness said he was within ten feet of Brown during the shooting as he fired at the Chevy HHR carrying Talbert.

Witness: "Thought it was fireworks didn't know what it was and looked outside and seen a car pull out of that driveway."
Witness: "He shot five rounds into the vehicle and fell into the middle of the street and chased down after the street the vehicle."