Police arrest 8 accused of dealing drugs out of Jeffersonville apartment


by Karma Dickerson


Posted on September 4, 2012 at 9:43 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 5 at 2:50 PM

Jeffersonville, Ind. (WHAS11)- After months of investigating, police in Jeffersonville say they have arrested eight people accused of dealing drugs all out of the same apartment complex. 
Some residents told WHAS11 drug sales in their family housing complex are unnerving but not unusual. They say they hear of the drug activity more than they see it.
But Jeffersonville police say their officers did more than hear about it.  Thursday and Friday they arrested eight people they say were selling cocaine and illegal drugs to undercover officers in and around the apartment complex. The warrant round up is the result of a summer-long investigation that started with the arrest of alleged drug supplier, Cleveland Williams Jr., back in April.
Ranging in age from 22 to 51 police say the eight suspects are members of or associated with the gang MHG, Money Hungry Gangstas.  Law enforcement has been aware of the organization for 12 years, and say they are mostly non violent.  According to police, their main goal is to sell drugs.

  • Jerome J. Sheckles, 25, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine (2 Counts), Habitual Substance Offender
  • Dennis R. Sheckles, 51, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine, Habitual Substance Offender
  • Marquail Q. Sheckles, 24, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine (2 Counts)
  • Shamar M. Martin, 31, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine (2 Counts)
  • Damon G. Walls, 30, Jeffersonville – Dealing in a substance represented to be a controlled substance, Habitual Substance Offender
  • Shanice M. Pratt, 22, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine
  • Sheron N. Green 35, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine Habitual Substance Offender
  • John S. Sims, 50, Jeffersonville – Dealing in Cocaine (2 Counts)

Although most of the alleged drug dealing was believed to have happened at this complex, at this point we only know of one person arrested in the warrant round up who lived there.  Police are still looking for two suspects.