Family mourns loss of Paoli murder victim


by Whitney Harding

Posted on June 28, 2014 at 11:47 PM

Updated Sunday, Jun 29 at 12:10 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Aymber Arnold and Jessica Stiles are trying to keep their family afloat after their brother-in-law, Corey Harris, was murdered in Paoli, Indiana on Monday. 


"There's a little girl whose six years old and she doesn't understand why isn't daddy coming back home?” Aymber said. “Why did a man do this to him?"


Aymber and Jessica told WHAS11 today that Ashley has lost so much more this week than a husband: she lost a best friend as well as some hope in humanity.


"Ashley has dealt with many struggles,” Aymber explained. “She's been through a lot. A lot of unfairness and it's really hard to see the good in people because of it and Corey was her good people. He was the one constant thing she could always count on to be there."


While they were only married for just over a year at the time of Corey’s death on Monday, the high school sweethearts had been together for 10 years and already a lifetime of challenges. In 2010 Ashley was diagnosed with advanced stage brain cancer. She fought back, even when the cancer returned in 2011 and is now in remission. 


"She's on disability for life because of the brain cancer,” said Aymber. “She can’t just go out and get a full time job because of the risks that are involved."


Now, Ashley has to raise two young girls, Kyrah age 6 and 10-week-old Kali, without their father. 

Her sisters say there was a time when Ashley was sick that they thought her children would grow up without one parent, but not like this.


"When Corey passed I remember thinking to myself, you know, I remember trying to think about how I was going to tell Kyrah who her mother was when she passed if this didn't last,” Aymber said thinking back on when Ashley was at her most ill. “Now, it's like reversed. I didn’t have myself prepared for that sort of talk with my little niece. She's very angry. And now it's starting to sink in because she's 6. This is her first experience with there is harm in the world."


Besides her not having her father anymore, some of the harm has been the rumors Aymber and Jessica say are being spread about his life. 


“Corey wasn't there for drugs,” Aymber said about why he was at that house Monday night. “That's not what that was about. He got a call, he told Ashley I gotta go pick up Daniel, I'll be back. And he never came back. He was simply just picking up a friend and he wasn't into [drugs]. That's just not who he was. He had a family at home that he supported, that he cared for, that he loved and he wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize that at all.”


Police have made two arrests in the case: Elbert Edward Brooks, 48, and James Davidson, 36. Investigators are still searching for John Carpenter, 35. The sisters say their hearts go out to the families of the accused men and what they are having to endure. They know they are far from the only family affected by this. 


“It's been extremely difficult to even grasp,” said Aymber. “Its like, we know he's gone but at the same time we can't process. We're stuck.”

If you want to learn more about Ashley or want to help, you can check out the Facebook page her sisters started for her four years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer:

It has all the most up to date information. You can also go to this link if you want to help: