Coopers Farm residents on edge after strange man targets child


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 6:38 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – In the past couple of months the residents of Cooper Farms have dealt with a few worrisome incidents, but what happened earlier this week the most unsettling of them all. There were reports of a mysterious man accosting a child.

"There have been car break-ins and house break-ins, but this is the first that I’ve heard of someone doing this to a child," a resident said.

One mother we talked with opted not to be on camera to protect the safety of her and children, but she wants to make sure others know what's been going on.

"My son's friend sent him a text and it said, 'if you're going to go outside be careful because some man tried chasing my little sister yelling that he needed help," she said.

On Tuesday night, police were called to the neighborhood after reports of a tall white male in a sleeveless shirt chasing a 10-year-old girl down the street all the way up her driveway. She was on her bike so she made it into the house before he caught her. The resident we talked to is now scared for her own two children.

"This neighborhood is full of kids; this court is full of kids. Everybody is outside. Typically we haven’t had any issues but here recently we've been hearing more and more," she said.

She says an unknown man came to her door one evening when she was home with her son.

"It was a very forceful banging. When I looked out the window he was standing on the sidewalk staring up at the house," she said.

They didn't answer the door. She says the man took off running between the houses. Not long after she came home one afternoon to find that someone had broken in her home.

"All of my electronics were unplugged as if they were ready to go out the door however nothing was taken. It was obviously that someone had been in the house so I had to call the police that evening," she said.

Now neighbors are warning each other and they are on the lookout, hoping to fend off whoever is responsible for these frightening acts.

"This is a very nice neighborhood. We are supposed to have police patrol that come through and patrol the neighborhood," she said.

If you see or hear of any suspicious activity in the area, you are encouraged to call police.