Child, family of arson victims face eviction from S. Indiana home



Posted on June 29, 2014 at 5:55 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 2 at 11:46 PM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) – The grandmother and mother who lost three children in an arson fire earlier this year are now facing eviction.

It was January 4 when police say Cody Cashion fired a flare into their New Albany home.

The flames claimed the lives of three small children and left the surviving child with burns.

Fundraisers were held after the tragedy to raise money to help the family.

Grandmother Marie Clark said after the funeral expenses, she paid 6 months’ rent in advance so that her daughter and the surviving child would have a place to live.

Clark now says the owner of the home has put an auction and for sale sign in the front yard.

Clark said he asked her to give him time to show the home to potential buyers and when she refused, he threatened to throw them out.

The owner of the house said he did not tell them he would kick them out, but added that he is selling the house and the land. 

“Now he says because I’ve talked to the news and I told him no one’s coming in here, he said he’s talked to his attorney today – his auctioneer Brewer Company or whatever it is says I’m a crazy lady and I’ve cost them $60,000 because nobody wants to come look at the house with a crazy lady in it,” Clark said.

Clark said they don’t want strangers to come inside because that’s where Tatyana can take off her bandages.

She also says her daughter has been unable to work because Tatyana requires 24-hour care.