Carroll County student bullied; brings awareness to students, parents


by Alex Schuman

Posted on November 19, 2013 at 12:35 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 19 at 4:45 PM

CARROLL COUNTY, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Emily Penn Foster, 13, wants to turn her terrible experience into a lesson for the girls who bullied her, and for parents she feels need to talk to their kids about bullying.

In the video above you can see what looks like three different girls attack her on a Carroll County School Bus.  It happened on their way home from school on Friday.  One girl punches and another gets up and hits her repeatedly in the back.

"That's when I blacked out.  I was knelt down in the seat,” Penn Foster said.  “And that's when - jumped over the seat and starting pounding on me - on my back."

Eventually, a girl grabs the one still hitting Emily.  The bus driver realizes what’s happening, pulls over, and Emily gets off the bus to call her dad.

“I couldn’t understand her,” David Foster said.  “I thought there had been a bus wreck, I mean – she was just frantic.”

Emily came out of the incident with no serious injuries.

“I have two knots in my back,” she said.  “And then I have the two scratches right here on my face.”

Foster filed a police report before they heard someone posted a video of the attack on Facebook.

“Without my permission knowing I was in it – it really made me mad,” Emily said.

Emily’s mom could not watch the video because of her daughter’s screams.  David Foster eventually was able to watch it all the way through once.

"There's just nothing I could do. Watching that video. Just watching her get whaled on and whaled on and whaled on and whaled on.  And trying so hard to get away, and the girl wouldn't let her get away.  She obviously didn't want to fight,” he said.  “There was just no hope for her."

The girl who hits Emily repeatedly claims the teenager threatened her.  Emily says that is not true, and the girls have bothered her since sixth grade.

Emily hopes by showing the video to even more people she can inspire parents and teachers to talk to their kids about the dangers of bullying, and remind them to speak out when they know something bad could happen.

"What confuses me the most - hurt me the most was no one stood up,” Emily said.

The three girls involved, including the person who shot the video, have been punished by the Carroll County School District.  Emily and her friends plan to wear t-shirts to school on Thursday urging people to speak out against bullying.

Her parents also want the school district to consider no longer busing alternative school students with the other students.  Some of the girls involved attended an alternative county school.