Best steak ever grilled on lava?


by Jeanna Moos

Posted on August 1, 2014 at 1:20 PM

(ABC News) - Behold the first steak ever grilled on lava!

Seriously, they grilled a couple of ribeye steaks on a man-made stream of lava.

A london food designer named Sam Bompas dreamed up the idea of grilling on lava, but didn’t know where to get the lava. 

Finally, the idea hit him. Syracuse University sculpture professor Robert Wysocki has been heating  bassalt gravel to make  artificial lava for almost 5 years doing art and geology experiments.

But never before had he cooked steak and corn on the cob.

This isn’t the kind of cookout where just a regular old apron will do. You need a protective leather jacket,  visor and metallic oven mitts. 

Unlike normal BBQ, you're not getting any smoke coming off the lava stream.

The steaks are first seared at 2100 degrees, and then they are taken off the grill  then returned for a couple of minutes once the lava has cooled.

Bompas called it the best steak he'd ever eaten.

“You get a really thick char on the outside which frankly tastes delicious and when cut into it medium rare, It's juicy and unctuous,” he said.

Unctuous meaning rich and fabulously fatty.

Unless you live near an erupting volcano, your only hope of enjoying a lava-cooked steak seems remote.

“What we'd like to do is offer a lava BBQ service. If you're having a party, call us up, and we'll come down with our furnace and cook up the best steak of your life,” Bompus said.

There was one casualty an ear of corn was engulfed in lava.

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