Are selifes making us self-obsessed?


by ABC News

Posted on July 11, 2014 at 5:06 PM

(ABC News) - Oscar winners take them. So do princes and even presidents.

We're talking about selfies: those smart-phone self-portraits that have overtaken social media, changed the face of reality shows like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and even prompted chart-topping songs.

Among the trend's biggest fans: middle and high schoolers  who, some experts worry, are selfie-obsessed.

Jordan Carney, 16, said she takes around 40 to 60 selfies a day.

“I like taking them because I think I'm attractive, and I think it's fun,” she said.

As for how many Jordan's kid sister Mackyla  takes?

“About 20 because I want to put them on Instagram and send them to my friends,” she said.

Courtney Hotchkis of Pasadena, Calif. Likes the creative outlet selfies provide her two girls, but says she worries, too.

“I have seen selfies that they've taken and posted that I've found inappropriate, and I've asked them to take them down.”

Parenting experts said there's reason for concern. There are now selfie beauty pageants and growing pressures for girls to post revealing selfies for boys to ogle, even rate.

If your child develops a compulsion or an obsession with selfies, you intervene the way you would with any other compulsion. You investigate, you find out why that's happening.

The experts we spoke with say parents should err on  the safe side and monitor selfies.

Like fire or dynamite, selfies can be wonderfully constructive or terrible, destructive, dangerous. Having said that, most of the use of seflies is appropriate, creative and fun.