91-year-old Utah woman skydives with 4 generations

91-year-old Utah woman skydives with 4 generations

Credit: ABC News

91-year-old Utah woman skydives with 4 generations


by ABC News


Posted on September 2, 2014 at 7:52 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 2 at 7:52 PM

(ABC News) -- A 91-year-old Utah woman’s dream to skydive came true on Saturday, and she was followed in leaping out of the plane by four generations of her family.

The family of Marie Kimmey, of Hyrum, Utah, got their first glimpse of their skydiving futures 20 years ago when Kimmey was riding on the back of her grandson-in-law’s motorcycle and was disappointed he only drove at 90 mph, not the 100 mph speed she had requested.

“I made some kind of smart remark that, ‘And you’d probably want to jump out of an airplane too,’” recalled Kinney’s granddaughter, Roma Christiansen. “And she said, ‘I would.’”

The family thought Kimmey had forgotten about her skydiving dreams until this past June when, after seeing President George H.W. Bush skydive on his 90th birthday, Kimmey spoke up again.

“She said, ‘I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. If my property sells I’m going to take everyone skydiving,’” Christiansen, 45, told ABC News.

The property Kimmey was referring to was her home in South Dakota, where she had lived up until around eight years ago when her husband passed away and her family moved her closer to them in Utah.

The property had languished on the market for five years but, less than one month after Kimmey spoke those words, the house sold.

On Saturday, Kimmey, who goes by “Grammie,” treated herself and 11 family members to the skydive she had promised.

“I had to take her to the doctor and get a doctor’s note that she would be okay,” Christiansen said. “I was terrified and tried to get out of it myself with a doctor’s note and that didn’t work.”

“Then my mom, Linda, who’s 66, didn’t want to do it because she had bad knees and Grammie told her, ‘Well, that’s no excuse,’” Christiansen said.

The 11 family members who joined Kimmey in jumping 12,000 feet out of planes on Saturday near a municipal airport in Ogden, Utah, included Kimmey’s daughter, Linda, plus four of her grandchildren, three of her great grandchildren and three grand in-laws.

The youngest jumper was 20, and Kimmey, at 91, being the oldest.

Kimmey, who could not be reached today, jumped in tandem with an instructor, but she suffered a hard landing. Nevertheless, Kimmey told her family she would do it again and that the landing was nothing compared to bumps received during her 40-plus years as a rancher.

“She said, ‘I’ve been hurt worse than this falling off a horse,’” said Christiansen, who added that the family took Kimmey to a doctor after the landing and got the all-clear, with Kimmey just nursing a twisted ankle.

Kimmey’s skydive was captured on a GoPro camera by her instructor. The family is now planning to use that video to submit themselves to the Guinness Book of World Records where, according to Christiansen, they may be eligible for three records.

“We had four generations and also four generations of women and also the number of descendants – nine,” she said. “So there’s the possibility of three records.”

Now that her great adventure is over, Kimmey, according to her granddaughter, is back to her normal life, living alone in a home next to her daughter and going line dancing a few nights per week.

"She's a spunky woman," Christiansen said.