2 teens face arson charges for blaze that injured firefighter


by Renee Murphy


Posted on January 10, 2014 at 1:03 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 10 at 7:06 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A December fire in an abandoned West Louisville liquor store has led to the arrest of two 13-year-olds.

A firefighter required surgery due to injuries he sustained fighting the blaze.  He will be return to work in approximately four months.

Henry Ott, an official with Louisville’s Arson Unit, said the injuries could have been a “whole lot worse.”

“Luckily with training and the shape that the guy is in, he’s able to adjust to it,” he said.

Ott said officials were able to track down the suspected 13-year-olds by posting wanted signs and interviewing local kids.

“We felt like somebody is going to know who it is,” Ott said.

The two suspects were arrested at Kammerer Middle School in East Louisville during classes.

Officials said the two teens were shocked at the fact that authorities were able to track them down.

“They didn’t have any idea how we were able to find them,” Ott said.  “It took a while and there was a little bit of pressure on this when you have someone that is injured.”

Ott said that though they were surprised, they were not remorseful.

“I was somewhat disappointed they didn’t seem to really care,” Ott said.

Case details are confidential, due to juvenile proceedings.  The degree of arson charge they face usually carries a sentence of 20-years to life in prison.