DIY: Make Your Own Felt Bow Hair Clips

DIY: Make Your Own Felt Bow Hair Clips

DIY: Make Your Own Felt Bow Hair Clips




Posted on October 11, 2012 at 4:03 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 11 at 4:03 PM

Hi guys, it's Aja, back with another fun DIY project! Whether you have a little girl or not, it's hard to deny how cute these teeny tiny felt bow clips are. I had pinned these sweet hair clips to make for my daughter months ago, but it took my best friend having her first baby girl (after two boys!) to finally get in gear and get them done.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Felt

2. Hair clips (found mine at Ulta)

3. Scissors

4. Needle and thread in corresponding color

5. Glue (not pictured)


Start by cutting out 3 strips of felt, just a tad wider than your clip. The long piece will be about twice as long as your clip. Cut the second strip about an inch longer than your clip, so that you can notch the ends and it will still be long enough to cover the clip. The third strip should be just a little shorter than your clip.


Got all that?? I don't want to get into inches and exact lengths, since your clip might be a different size than mine. It's a good idea to make them longer than you think you'll need, since you can always trip the pieces down in you need to.

Fold the longest piece so that the ends overlap each other and lay it on top of the strip with the notched ends. Stich the two pieces togethe in the middle. Just one or two stiches should do.




This is what it will look like from the top, once the two pieces are stiched together.






Now take the third (shortest) strip and place one end on the bottom of the bow, perpendicular to the other pieces. Stitch one end to the other pieces.




Now it's time to break out the glue. Next time around, I'll try my hot glue gun, but this tacky glue was easier to grab, so that's what I used.





Use the glue to attach your bow to the top of the clip. If you're extra smart (and have tiny, nimble fingers), you can also sew a few stitches to make it extra secure. Just make sure not to sew the clip shut!




Ta-da! A tiny little bow for a tiny little girl.






And I may be partial, but I think it looks pretty cute on my little girl! :) Have you guys tried making any teeny tiny hair accessories?

Thanks, Aja!