DIY: Create a Chalkboard Countdown to Christmas (or anything!)

DIY: Create a Chalkboard Countdown to Christmas (or anything!)

DIY: Create a Chalkboard Countdown to Christmas (or anything!)




Posted on November 16, 2012 at 5:02 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 27 at 3:02 AM

Hi all! It's Aja, back with this week's DIY project.

So, I broke out the Christmas music this weekend and am officially ready to string up the lights and deck the halls. Are you?? We haven't hauled the Christmas tree down from the attic yet, but I thought a holiday-ish project was in order. We'll definitely be doing an Advent calendar again this year, but I knew this little countdown sign could be used year-round with the magic of chalkboard paint!


Supply list:

  1. Long piece of wood (mine was a scrap piece of plywood)
  2. Chalkboard paint
  3. Paint Pen
  4. Painters tape
  5. Black craft paint & brush/sponge


First up, paint your wood with the chalkboard paint. I had spraypaint on hand, so that's what I used. Once it's dry, use the painters tape to tape off a section in the middle. My wood piece was 24 inches long, so I just divided by 3 and made my center area 8 inches long.


Now you'll want to paint that middle section with the black craft paint. It just took one quick coat and I went ahead and touched up the edges of my wood with the craft paint as well.


Once that paint has dried and you remove the painters tape, this is what you'll have. The middle portion is just slightly darker than the chalkboard sides, but you won't be able to tell at all in the end!


Next, use your white paint pen to write the words "Days Until" on the center portion of your sign. I just freehanded the letters. You could also use vinyl letters or a stencil for this part.


Once you're happy with your lettering, you'll want to cure your chalkboard sides. To cure, simply use the side of a piece of chalk and rub it over the entire chalkboard section. Make sure you do this part BEFORE writing anything with the chalk!


Then just rub the dust off with a rag. Curing your chalkboard keeps it from getting any indents or permenant lettering from your initial drawing or writing. Believe me, you don't want to skip this part! I've ruined chalkboards before by writing something on them without curing and then never being able to fully erase what I wrote.


Then just fill in what you're counting down! I can't wait to use this to count down to birthdays, vacations and the last day of school. The possibilities are endless!


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