How I Got Started: The Makings of a Coupon Queen

How I Got Started: The Makings of a Coupon Queen

How I Got Started: The Makings of a Coupon Queen




Posted on March 10, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Updated Saturday, Mar 10 at 5:00 PM

Yesterday, something rather strange happened to me. I was waiting at a red light stuck in a massive sea of heavy traffic and construction when I heard screaming. I had both of my boys in the vehicle with me so naturally I assumed it was coming from them...but it was not. When I looked over, I saw a woman waving, smiling and yelling out of her car window.

The woman: "AGH!! Are you the money Queen?"

Me: "The money Queen? Well, that would be great! Yes, I'm the money Queen!"

The woman: "AGH! I watch you on TV"


The woman grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and jumped out of her car and ran to my car. Wow. She wanted my autograph. She was incredibly nice and we were at a red light so I did sign the paper and she plans on attending a workshop soon.

Was the point of telling you that only to describe random weird encounters I have on the streets of Tulsa from time to time? Nope. The point was the conversation that followed with my son.

He had a ton of questions about that situation, much of which centered around why or how I became coupon queen. It dawned on me that while I mention the story in my workshops, I really have not mentioned it much on our site. So...I thought I would take some time to do so.

{The Makings of the Money Saving Queen}

I know many of you know my oldest son was born with life threatening food allergies. Basically, we spent a year in and out of the hospital and visiting one doctor after another trying to figure out what was really happening inside of his little body. After 12 months of various tests, we finally found out he had 22 food allergies. Many of those were life threatening so ever since that moment, he has been on a dairy-free, tree-nut free, peanut-free, casein-free, wheat-free and egg-free diet.

With the extreme dietary issues, medications and medical bills from all of the hospital trips, we were shelling out about $800 a month. Much of the food he was eating at that time, I had to order online because I could not find it in our city. After months of doing this, I soon realized we could no longer afford groceries for my husband or myself.

Growing up in a very frugal family, I knew all about coupons, flea markets, selling on eBay and many more random things. However, as I got older, I walked away from a lot of that. Suddenly, I realized if we were going to eat, we needed to coupon. I started praying and saying out loud this verse from Joel 2:26:

"You will have plenty to eat until you are full and you with praise the Lord your God who has worked wonders for you."

After a little while (as in a few days), I really felt like I needed to check into coupons. I found a book at the library and read it in one day. I had some coupons at home and I headed to my local Homeland where I bought $180 worth of groceries for $19. That was pretty extreme especially at that time. After all, I was 26 years old and I did not know a single person outside of my father who couponed.

The results were pretty life altering. Realizing how much money I could save at the grocery store was completely crazy. Many of tips I read about did not apply to our city so I had to really adapt them and make them my own.

A friend of mine encouraged me to teach a class at a local community center and thus, Tulsa's Coupon Queen was born. I built my very first website (I had no idea what a blog actually was at that time) so it was pretty old school and only for those who had been in my workshops.

My mother and sister got the word out and pretty soon I had an article in the local newspaper and an interview on a news station. Soon after, I was contacted by a local moms site ( who asked if I would come on as a money saving blogger. After googling the word 'blogger,' I agreed and soon became the 918 Coupon Queen.

This is where the vision began to grow. I have always had a real call on my life to help people save money and not just a little bit either. Inside of my head, I have tons and tons of money saving methods using everything from coupons to pawn shops. Believe me, it's in there.

As we began to grow, we partnered with a local media company (Griffin Communications) which owns News on 6 in Tulsa and News 9 in Oklahoma City. This led to all the local news segments I do each week. We decided to change my name from 918 Coupon Queen to Money Saving Queen because I wanted people to realize there are more ways to save than just using coupons at the grocery store even though, that is my favorite.

I went on Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer in February 2010 and let me tell you, that was something I never in my life thought would happen. Even now, I can hardly speak about it without feeling the tears come up. I'm a huge fan...HUGE fan. I used to listen to Joyce Meyer tapes on my Walkman in the backyard while mowing the grass. Yep, seriously. I still listen to her several times a week.

Right now, I write deals for the website and teach workshops several times a month along with the news segments. I have a great job to say the least. It is a business that started out in my living room while I was just trying to feed my family and it is so amazingly awesome that God has used it to help others feed their families too.

Just a little background for those of you who have wondered. Yep, I promise, there's a real person back here writing these posts. :)

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