In a World Without a Coupon

In a World Without a Coupon

In a World Without a Coupon




Posted on February 23, 2012 at 4:01 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 23 at 4:01 PM


Everyone has good coupon days and bad coupon days. Everyone has days when you are running home from work and get the call to stop at the nearest grocery store and pick up the 110 items you mysteriously forgot to buy on your last trip. Yep, everyone...including me.

I shared this story at a workshop recently and thought it was post-worthy so here it goes. A few weeks ago I was driving home from my son's Tae Kwan Do class, it was dark and well past dinner so both of my boys were hungry. Absolutely nothing inside of me wanted to go home and cook dinner so I thought we would run into Walmart for something quick and easy.

As we were making our way through the store, I got a few requests from my husband and I also started thinking about all of the things I had forgotten to buy that week. You know how it goes, you walk around the store in search of only 1 thing but you manage to find 20 things instead. That's what happened to me. This was supposed to be a quick $10 trip and it turned into a shopping spree. I kept thinking about all the things I had to do that week and since I was already at the store. Why not pick up the items right now? Right?

Are you with me?

Does anyone out there agree with me?

Then this happened.

My two boys and myself pushed a cart full of items to the checkout. No coupons. No price matching ads. Just a tired mommy and two boys who were officially on their last leg of sanity. The man rings up our items and the following conversation occurs:

Man: How are you?

Me: Fine.

Man: Is your day going well?

Me: Yes.

Man: Hmmmm.

Me: What?

Man: Well, it seems to me that you look just like someone I've seen on TV.

Me: Hmmmmm.

Man: Her name is Sarah Roe.

Me: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Man: You look JUST like her. But, I know you're not her.

Me: Why?

Man: Because Sarah Roe would have coupons.




This is the point where I think heavily about not telling him my name. This is the point where I want to hide my head in shame, pay and run away. However there are two problems with this scenario:

1. I'm paying with a debit card that does have my name on it.

2. I'm walking out to a car that looks like this:


Needless to say, the man at the register was thoroughly disappointed when he found out I was in fact, Sarah Roe. Seriously, he was disappointed. There was no laughter, no fun 'oh everyone has an off day' kinda comment. He looked at me like I was the biggest let down on the planet, a real-life Debbie Downer I am.

In the real world, there are days when you do not have coupons. In the real world, there are days when you are just hungry and you want to survive the day long enough to make it home. I live in that world along with everyone else. I would venture to say 99% of the time, I am saving money every single time I shop. He caught me in a 1% moment.

All that to say, the next time you feel guilty about not saving enough money, just think of me...and laugh.