Red is a bold color choice that can look great in a kitchen. Here’s what to know before you get started.


Story Updated: Feb 13, 2013

Because the kitchen is bound to get messy, I like to use a satin finish on the walls to make clean-ups easier. For your base coat, it's a good idea to use a tinted primer to ensure the best coverage when painting with vivid reds.

Selecting the perfect hue can be tricky -- there are thousands of reds to choose from! Here are some of my top picks in the red family:

  • If you have modern style and a taste for something edgy, opt for a bold, bright cherry red. It looks especially great when combined with black and white accents.
  • A darker, rich rosy red will fit well with a variety of décor styles. This hue is also a nice soothing color for a bedroom or formal living area if you want to continue the color elsewhere in your home.
  • Traditional decor settings are best suited with a deeper, subdued red. This will give you a bold effect without feeling too jarring.
  • If you want a red that feels casual and relaxed for country or floral décor themes, lean toward the pink side of the red family -- look for a beige-blushy pink for a pretty hue.