Project Green: UofL taking new approach to recycling, going green


by Jamie Martin

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 3:32 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 15 at 7:09 PM

(WHAS11)  At the University of Louisville, they have taken on a new approach to recycling.

A new program, involving something called a Mini-Bin, is catching on at the campus.

For years the trash can has dwarfed the recycle bin.

These days, single-stream recycling and the mini-bin are changing things around at U of L.

Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost said, “We’re really excited here at U of L, because we just announced a single-stream recycling system; so instead of people having to think about ‘where do I find the right can for my plastic, my glass, my aluminum, or my paper’, you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. 

They are all going in the same bin, and now, this is all the trash we will be producing.  Very little is not going to be recyclable in the new system.  We figured out the best way to go is the single-stream system.  Instead of making people sort it on site, it’s all going to be sorted by our partner QRS.”

So who sorts out the recycling bins and these mini-bins?

Aaron Boggs, Superintendent of Grounds at UofL said, “In the past, we had people taking sorted office paper to a certain location, so they could drop that stuff off.   Now, I’m responsible for taking my trash out and our custodial staff will empty the recycling every night.”

The program seems to be a real hit in the offices.

Leellen Starrett, staff at U of L said, “Yeah, I like it actually.  The custodians take care of this one and I take care of this one.  The custodians take care of this one and empty it every night.”

So it seems a Mini-Bin, along with a good attitude, can go a long way to keeping U of L green.  

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