Project Green: Earthen Nirvana


by Kyle Brown

Posted on January 18, 2010 at 7:07 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 19 at 11:22 AM

(WHAS11) - Living a green, Earth-friendly lifestyle is getting easier around Kentuckiana as more and more “Green” stores are opening up. Over the last year, several new shops have opened up and WHAS11’s Ben Pine has another name to add to the list in our Project Green Report.
The new store is called Earthen Nirvana and it’s located in Crescent Hill.
You can go in, learn to go green, and also just lounge around.
Store owner Matt Martin wants to teach you how to “Reduce, Recycle, and Reinvent the World” by conserving and going green.
Martin says it’s a new Earth-friendly business model.
“Your primary focus is not the retail; your primary focus is the education. The retail is there to hopefully just pay for the free education, so if it sustains itself, which is what we’re focusing on anyway, we can be sustainable just like we are trying to teach people to be,” says Martin.
Earthen Nirvana is made up of three rooms, and if you have time, Matt wants you to learn about ways to go green and to lead you to a sustainable lifestyle, they’ve got comfortable chairs, the television, and the computer for training.
In the midst of your education, you can always take a break to the back room, relax a little bit, this is the lounge where you can shoot pool, throw some darts, and grab a cup of coffee.
And if you decide to make things change towards a greener lifestyle, you can stop at the store up front, the third room, and take a look at some of the conservation products.
Martin says, “We try to make sure that every aspect of your home gets covered in one way or another.”
The retail room carries green items that are tough to find elsewhere, from toilet tank banks to solar battery chargers. And, according to Martin, they have the largest L.E.D. light selection in the city.
Martin says his goal is “to reach as many people as I possibly can and get people to understand when they’re wasting things, and hopefully make this place, make Louisville a better city to live in.”
But for now he just hopes to keep teaching sustainability for as long as he can.

Visit Earthen Nirvana at 3310 Frankfort Avenue.