New Oldham County library has many green elements


by Jamie Martin

Posted on October 25, 2010 at 5:43 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 1 at 5:37 PM

A new 30,000 square foot library in Oldham County has quite a distinction.  It is all thanks to following LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Standards.

“The Oldham County Public Library is the first LEED certified building in the state and one of nine certified at the gold level,” district director Susan Eubank said. “We're very, very proud of that. Because of that, our staff is committed to recycling, to do things within the building that are not wasteful.”

There are very special green elements built into this library.

“One of the features of our building is our lighting,” Eubank said. “Of course, all of our lighting from the lay-in strips to the pendant lights that you see over the desks and in the main part of the library are energy efficient lighting.”

“The parking lot is laid on top of a geothermal loop field. There are 55, 300 foot deep geothermal loops under the parking lot. And geothermal is a real energy saving way to heat and cool our building.”

Eubanks said all the guttering that is on the building comes around and puts the water down into a 12,000 gallon catchment tank.

“The water is chlorinated and the water is then used in our restroom facilities for flushing,” Eubanks said. “We actually ran off the rainwater system for most of last fall and winter.”

This library even has some special green parking.

“We have electric vehicle recharging stations in the back of our parking lot,” Eubanks said.

Everyone can check this place out.

“We encourage people to come and visit our library,” Eubanks said. “Take a tour. I love to point out the features of this library.”