Project Green: Companies switch focus from consumption to conservation


by Jamie Martin

Posted on January 4, 2010 at 3:55 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 4 at 8:01 PM

(WHAS11)  Many companies are switching their focus from consumption to conservation.

It saves the company money, and makes the employees feel like they are making a real difference.  

One local company is making that happen right now, and it isn’t anything new at Jewish Hospital Corporate Services; they’ve been working to go green since 2007. 

As Meteorologist Jamie Martin found, their plan might give you some ideas for your own workplace.

At the Jewish Hospital Corporate Services Center on Fourth Street, you’ll find plenty of people working, but also plenty of people going green.  Laura Swessel is at the forefront of the ongoing green efforts.

Laura Swessel, Jewish Hospital said, “Well, we have several initiatives.  First of all, during the summer of 2007, Jan Kawzicki and I started a group here in our building at Jewish.  We recycle batteries, plastic, aluminum cans, plastic bags, toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, cell phones and cardboard as well. The other initiative we have is a magazine and book drive. 

It’s an ongoing effort with drop off boxes, in a different location.  We pick them up quarterly and drop them off at the main Jewish Hospital, St Mary and Elizabeth’s Hospital and also Our Lady of Peace.  The books we collect are for Peace Academy, which is the onsite school at Our Lady of Peace, for the children.

So where does all of the material come from? 

“Most of it is used here.  They can bring ink cartridges, cell phones and batteries in from home, and of course the plastic bags from their lunches.  And then system-wide, which we just started in November, is going to be what’s generated in our system.  That’s 70 different locations.  We’ve already started with the cell phones and the cartridges, and then we’ll probably take it out to the aluminum cans and plastic and the other items.”

They have already recycled over 1,200 cartridges and cell phones and with 70 more locations coming online, the numbers will continue to increase; making their work space, and the world, a bit greener.